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We repair MacBook, iMac and iPad of all model years

Mac-Profis has been the address for all Macians for over 20 years

Since 2003 we have been repairing all Apple computers ever produced, as well as all current MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iPad and iPhone. Contact us with all hardware and software problems. We repair at chip level with computer-controlled soldering machines at low cost.

MacBook Display Repair

Does your Macbook Pro or MacBook Air have a broken, cracked or chipped display, has it lost its brightness or is it flickering? We can repair or replace it at low cost. Used displays are also available on request to reduce costs.

MacBook battery replacement

We replace the battery in MacBook Pro and Air from € 149. Further information and prices can be found here Replacing the battery on MacBook Pro / Air and Macbook 12’

MacBook fan is noisy

The fan on your MacBook is loud, runs constantly or makes strange noises. Fan replacement from € 79. For further information and prices: MacBook fan repair, fan replacement

MacBook water damage

We specialise in repairing water damage / liquid damage to all Apple Macbooks as well as laptops and notebooks from all manufacturers. A repair is worthwhile in terms of costs in most cases. Water damage repair for MacBook Pro / Air and laptops

MacBook cleaning

Internal cleaning of your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air incl. fan heatsink for a fixed price of € 89. If desired, we can also replace the thermal paste for € 24.

MacBook keyboard repair

The keyboard of your MacBook has worn or jammed keys, letters are illegible, or contact is only possible by pressing the key hard. Replace with a German or English keyboard.

iMac repair and service

A RAM extension is needed, a larger hard drive or SSD, a new keyboard, general service and support... Further information on iMac repair

iPad Repair

Display replacement and battery replacement for all iPad models.
For more information and prices, click here: iPad display repair and battery replacement

Replace iPhone battery / display replacement

Battery replacement for all iPhone models. Immediately, short waiting time.
Click here for prices: iPhone battery and display replacement - Prices

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